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Solo Exhibitions


2019   “Between Heaven and Earth” Hamivshala, the Artists Quarter, Tivon. Curator: Ilan Beck


2018   “Empty Shells” BY5 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Nir Harmat (printed catalogue)


2017   “Attachments” (sale exhibition),  “8 in Jaffa” Gallery, Tel Aviv Jaffa


 Selected  Group Exhibitions 

2021      "Engag'e" BY5 Gallery Tel Aviv

               Curators: Merav Rahat, Michal Krassny

2021       "No Boundaries" Yad Labanim Gallery  Rishon LeZion

               Curators: Effi Gen, Talia Tokatly, Adi Angel



2021      The TLV Biennale for Art & Design,    Eretz Israel Museum. Tel - Aviv (printed book)

               Curators: Henrietta Bruner, Yuval Saar, Nir Harmat, Meirav Rahat, Leora Rosin


2021       The "Int'l Cone Box Show" Lawrence, Kansas, and NCECA Int'l Conference, Virginia                          USA.   Curator: W. Owen Hart (Filmed catalogue)


2020      "Bitter Water" Rishon LeZion Municipal Gallery, Curator: Raya Keidar (printed catalogue)

2020       "Cleaning Rag" Flox Gallery, Dresden, Germany, Curator: Holger Wedland

2019      “Interaction” BY5 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Leora Rozin


2017      ”Homage" Ma’alot Municipal Gallery

               Curators: Noga Migdal & Esther Drori



2015      “Quest” Tel-Chai Museum &  Benyamini Center Gallery, Tel Aviv

                Curators:    Talia Tokatly & Roni Ben Ari (printed catalogue)


2015     “Freedom” Herzliya Municipal Gallery. Curator: Orit Lutringer

             “Black &white” Herzliya Municipal Gallery. Curator: Orit Lutringer


2014      “Consumers’ Basket”(“Sal Tzricha”) Okashi Art Museum, Akko

               Curator: Raz  Samira


2014     “Private Space” Herzliya Municipal Gallery. Curator: Shelly Rashkes



Fairs and sale exhibitions


2019   “Collections” Benyamini Center Gallery,Tel-Aviv,

            Curators: Ravit Lezer, Esther Beck, Yael Novak


2019   “Shelf Life” BY5 Gallery, Tel-Aviv,  Curator: Nir Harmat


2012-2017 Founder and Partner - “ARTISHOOK” Ceramic Art Gallery, Jaffa



2019   “1280” Magazine, issue 39, Publisher: Ceramic Artists Association of   Israel                     Essay re my work.


2019   “Portfolio” Art Magazine, re solo exhibition.


2019  “Erev Rav” Art Magazine, re solo exhibition


2018   “1280” Magazine, issue 37, Publisher: Ceramic Artists Association of   Israel                     Essay re my work


2010   “The journal of Australian Ceramics” Issue 49, Publisher: The Australian Ceramic                                Association (graduates’  review) 

           "Maningham Leader" interview re "Formed" exhibition 


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